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Level up with a Myers-Briggs® personality assessment with Tiffany - Why? Because...

  • IT'S A GAME CHANGER - Understanding and recognizing simple patterns in people, how you and others increase energy, process information, make decisions, and organize daily tasks, is advantageous in every aspect of your life and career. 
  • IT'S FAST - Within 24 hours of signing up for one of the assessments listed below, Tiffany will send you your Myers-Briggs® questionnaire to get started
  • IT'S CONVENIENT - Sessions are conducted in person at an agreed upon location or online. Time slots are available during the day, in the evening, or on weekends. 
  • IT'S  LONG-LASTING - The Myers-Briggs® Personality Type tool provides a wealth of resources and information to help you continue to learn about yourself and others as you advance through your life and career.  
  • IT'S COST EFFECTIVE - Once your Myers-Briggs® Type is verified, you automatically recieve a 40%  discount on all other reports which can be sent via email. Group discounts are also available.


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Read through the different assessment types below and then sign up to get started on your questionnaire and get your one-on-one or group session scheduled ASAP. Please note prices do not include GST. 



“Tiffany was exceptional at explaining my personality assessment and the Myers-Briggs® tool. She was positive, insightful, and helped me not only understand myself better, but how I interact with other personality types. This is critical in today’s world – understanding human connection. Tiffany thrives in this and I would not hesitate to use her services again.” David Fisher, CEO Kingfisher Communications


MBTI® Personal Impact Report

25 page report + 90min development session $199

Enhance your IMPACT in all aspects of your life with this long-lasting and comprehensive report that uses your Myers-Briggs® Type to reveal your individual strengths and challenges to facilitate your personal advancement goals.

This report focuses on 8 KEY DEVELOPMENT AREAS: 

  • You Work Style 
  • Your Leadership Style 
  • Your Communication Style 
  • Your Conflict Style 
  • Your Team Style
  • Your Approach to Change
  • Your Decision-Making Style
  • How Stress Impacts You

"I am so glad I completed my Myers-Briggs assessment with Tiffany.  She was instrumental in helping me interpret the results of the assessment. I now have a better understanding of myself, what motivates me and how I relate to others. I wish I would have done this years ago!" Janet Guise, Retired Business Analyst, Dance Instructor, and Aspiring writer 

MBTI® Career Report

10 page report + 60min development session $99

Improve your job satisfaction and performance by exploring your preferred tasks, work environments, and the most and least popular occupations for your Myers-Briggs® Type.

KEY DEVELOPMENT AREAS: Career Transition & Planning, General Personal Development

"Tiffany made me realize how important it is to know my personality type. Since I know myself better, I am able to understand others and have less conflict. Highly Recommend." Ladda Boonmee, Motivational Speaker and Healthcare Professional 

MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organizations and the Workplace

10 page report + 60min development session $125

Heighten your performance at work by examining your strengths and areas of improvement to develop your professional advancement strategy based on your Myers-Briggs® Type’s natural work style, communication style, and preferred approach to problem solving. 

KEY DEVELOPMENT AREAS: Leadership, Communication, Problem Solving, Professional Advancement

MBTI® Stress Management Report

9 page report + 60min development session $125

Conquer the ability to manage stress by discovering your natural and stressed personality characteristics , how your “stressed personality” is triggered, and tips on handling your stress reactions based on your Myers-Briggs® Type.

KEY DEVELOPMENT AREAS: Stress Management, Leadership, Improving Teams, Effective Management

MBTI® Communication Report

10 page report + 60min development session $125

Expand your ability to communicate effectively, lead a team, and  assist conflict management through learning about your preferred communication style, practical tips, and steps for improvement based on your Myers-Briggs® Type.

KEY DEVELOPMENT AREAS: Communication, Conflict Management, Team Building, Personal Effectiveness

MBTI® Conflict Style Report

11 page report + 60min development session $125

Develop the ability to confidently lean into and mediate conflict situations through understanding your Conflict Style based on your Myers-Briggs® Type and how it relates to and tips on dealing with other conflict styles.

KEY DEVELOPMENT AREAS: Conflict Management, Leadership, Improving Teams, Effective Management

MBTI® Decision-Making Report

9 page report + 60min development session $125

Explore your Decision-Making Style based on your MBTI® Type and develop your ability to approach difficult decision making confidently, manage more effectively, and improve your leadership skills.

KEY DEVELOPMENT AREAS: Decision Making, Leadership, Effective Management, Personal Effectiveness