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Tiffany Riddell


Tiffany Riddell is originally from Calgary, Alberta and has lived in Vancouver, British Columbia since 2013. Tiffany is a certified MBTI® Step I and II Assessment Practitioner. She also holds a BA in History from Athabasca University (at Mount Royal College) and an Intercontinental  MEd in Adult Learning and Global Change from the University of British Columbia and universities in Sweden, South Africa, and Australia. 

Tiffany has years of experience working with young adults, facilitating growth and learning in university students and other individuals as a community leader, volunteer and events coordinator, as well as in hospitality management. 

Tiffany has a volunteer spirit to her core and does what she can to get involved in any causes that relate to engaging, inspiring and empowering people. She is currently the Vice President, Education of the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club and the Volunteer Coordinator for VCON 42, Vancouver's Premier Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming Convention. She also performs as a vocalist within the local R&B, Hip Hop and Gospel choir B-Roll (sister choir to YVR Pop Choir) and as a soloist through Ty Lowe studios.

She has two cats, Frankie and Drucilla whom she adores dearly.